flyithacaAir Services Board

Michael Stamm is Chair of the Air Services Board. The new management team at the Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport was installed in 2014 and has been focusing on outreach to airlines, PR and marketing. They are also collecting and analyzing complex data with the assistance of Cornell University students.

Economic Development Collaborative

TCAD convenes quarterly meetings of local economic development participants called the ED Collaborative. Participants share current activities, discuss economic development issues and form work groups to engage in specific economic development activities.

STREDCSouthern Tier Regional Economic Development Council

Michael Stamm is on the Council and Executive Committee. In that role, he advocates for local projects. TCAD staff also assists several applicants through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). In 2014, the Souther Tier was a top performer awardee of $80.8 million. Some of the projects that were awarded in Tompkins County include:

BorgWarner Morse TEC – $100,000 for their Machine Operation Program

C&D Assembly – $50,000 for their Soldering and Lean Operations Training

Finger Lakes ReUse – $1,898,831 for development and construction of their new downtown site