Tompkins County Development Corporation

The Tompkins County Development Corporation promotes economic development initiatives in Tompkins County serving as a conduit to the tax-exempt bond market for local not-for-profit employers. While no credit enhancement is offered by the TCDC or the County, bonds issued by the TCDC provide lower interest rates than conventional financing. Fees for projects stay local and support economic development initiatives in our community.

Visit the Tompkins County Development Corporation website for more information about eligible applicants or to learn more about its Board of Directorsprojectspublic hearings, or schedule and minutes.

“We have worked with TCAD on several large scale projects critical to the future of Cayuga Medical Center. The support they provided, guiding us through the complex tax exempt financing process, was invaluable. It is a very effective organization, a true asset to the community.”

John Rudd, President & CEO
Cayuga Medical Center

“TCAD has been instrumental to Ithaca College in providing fast and efficient access to the tax exempt bond market. The college has sold more than $80 million in bonds in the last year, a portion of which involved refinancing existing debt at substantial savings. The staff at TCAD is very professional and the organization is a tremendous asset to the Tompkins County economy and the community at large.”

Carl Sgrecci, Retired Vice President of Finance
Ithaca College