A highly skilled workforce is available to local businesses, with the three area colleges and universities providing a strong recruiting pool. Tompkins County is a regional employment center for workers from surrounding communities, and thus there is always a ready labor supply. The area also attracts experienced and skilled workers from afar for specialized employment opportunities.

The Tompkins County economic profile transformed from a durable goods manufacturing community in the 1960’s to an education center by the 1980’s. Since the 1980’s, technology firms producing high-tech products, equipment, services, and software applications have had an expanding role in local economic growth, while traditional durable goods manufacturing continues to have an important, though diminished role. Health, tourism, agriculture, and an array of business and personal services round out the primarily knowledge-driven economy.


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TCAD maintains a close partnership with the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB), Tompkins WorkforceNY (TWNY). The WIB and TWNY offer a comprehensive approach to workforce development. TCAD and TWNY have collaborated to create a new workforce strategy that was released in the winter of 2010.  Details of the Workforce Strategy are available here.

Tompkins County labor information is available at Tompkins JobsEQ®, an interactive tool that let’s you explore the data you need to know.  Tompkins JobsEQ provides trends for employment, unemployment, and wages as well as information about career development and the local labor market.

JobsEQ® is a web-based software system that provides access to national economic data and also contains detailed regional data and analysis for registered members. To register, please visit Tompkins County’s JobsEQ page.