Startup Community

“The Startup community in Ithaca is supportive and welcoming. Collectively, we have a massive amount of experience amongst the entrepreneurs here, and we are willing to share those experiences with others.” Brad Treat, Entrepreneur in Residence, Rev

The startup community brings together University, city and private sector partners to make Ithaca the best place to launch and grow a startup. The goal is to motivate the founders to anchor their growing businesses in the town closest to their source of inspiration. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, cutting edge ventures, alternative enterprise, and just plain good business ideas are enthusiastically received. Entrepreneurs and inventors profit from numerous business supports and startup incentives. Growing companies can find sophisticated accounting and legal services nearby — including intellectual property protection. Local real estate developers provide turn-key solutions for high tech companies such as building facilities with wet labs and clean rooms.

TCAD continues to support the growth of existing companies and accelerate new business startups. We’re creating opportunities to keep entrepreneurs in the community and provide them a pathway to success.

  • 45% have won competitive federal SBIR awards – over $50 million in competitive federal SBIR funding since 2005.
  • 80% of Ithaca area startups have a significant Cornell connection (license, facility use, research partnership).
  • Area has twelve times the national hit rate on SBIR awards per capita since 2005 (by $).
  • With over ten-times the national average spending per capita, fundamental R&D is Tompkins County’s biggest natural resource for startup companies.

Small Business Development Council (SBDC)

TCAD worked with the SBDC at Binghamton University to establish a one-year pilot initiative placing a full-time technology business advisor in Ithaca.  The pilot was so successful the initiative has continued.  The SBDC Certified Business Advisor, Chuck Schwerin, has an office at TCAD, which allows him to better meet the increasing demand for services from local tech-based entrepreneurs.  Mr. Schwerin is available to meet with individuals and small businesses and provides a wide variety of information and guidance. Mr. Schwerin may be contacted at 607.777.4044.


Ithaca Venture Community

Inspired by the innovation and activity in Ithaca, the Ithaca Venture Community (IVC) has been a grassroots volunteer group with a mission of bringing together students and professional entrepreneurs in Ithaca to provide networking and growth opportunities.

Additional information may be found on the IVC’s Meet up page.


Rev: Ithaca Startup Works

Rev is a business incubator and the latest addition to our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Rev offers entrepreneurs a place to grow their business, providing access to expert advice and business development at an accelerated pace.

For more information, you can visit their website at