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Updated April 3, 2020

Tompkins County Area Development is committed to supporting our community during this unprecedented time. TCAD is working closely with community stakeholders to monitor the rapidly changing situation pertaining to the coronavirus – COVID-19. The health and well-being of all members of our community is our primary concern. We recognize that there are serious public health and economic impacts due to COVID-19. We have compiled the following resources to aid local businesses and community stakeholders as they address these impacts. As with all information that you obtain while dealing with these unprecedented issues, you should verify the accuracy and analyze the implications as it relates to your specific situation. The information provided here and otherwise provided by TCAD is not intended to constitute legal advice and consulting with your own legal counsel is advised.

Together, we will make it through these difficult times.

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(4/3/20) UPDATE FROM THE SBA: Small businesses can now apply for the Paycheck Protection Program. The program is designed to keep small business workers employed & provide small businesses with capital through the nation’s banks & other lending institutions.

(4/3/20) Which SBA loan program is best for your small business? Join NYSBDC Binghamton’s advisors at a virtual lunch & learn on Tuesday, April 7th at 12:00pm and have your questions about SBA loans answered. Register for free HERE.

(4/2/20) Business Loan Assistance in the Southern Tier – The Agency (Broome County IDA/LDC) is offering loan assistance to businesses in eight counties including Tompkins County. The Agency has modified existing loan funds to be responsive to the immediate needs for cash flow that many businesses are experiencing. Loans will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and there is approximately $1,000,000 in funds available for lending. Click HERE for information.

(4/1/20) Tompkins County has developed “Workforce ReDirect,” the local Job Board to help newly available workers connect to opportunities in essential industries serving the County at this time.


For the Latest Updates on COVID-19 from Governor Cuomo click HERE

Volunteer / Contribute

Cayuga Medical Center (CMC) / Cayuga Health System – CMC andCayuga Health System are working to support physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 crisis while continuing to provide high-level care to our region. The outpouring of support from our community has been tremendous. Click HERE to find out more about donating critically needed supplies, funding, or volunteering.

New York State
– Many businesses and organizations have expressed a desire to support New York State as it responds to the virus outbreak. Individuals or groups looking to volunteer or contribute to the State’s effort should contact the Governor’s Office at

Business Resources

Local Workforce Resources

Tompkins County has developed “Workforce ReDirect,” the local Job Board to help newly available workers connect to opportunities in essential industries serving the County at this time.

Tompkins Workforce New York Career Center

For training, recruitment, job postings, and applicant searches, call 607-272-7570

Tompkins County Workforce Development Board

For employment-related services for employers and individuals, call 607-274-7526

New York State Department of Labor (DOL) Resources

Unemployment Insurance

File a Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
The State of New York has announced a waiver to the 7-day waiting period for unemployment insurance for people who have been laid off due to the virus.

NYS Paid Family Leave & COVID-19

New Paid Leave for COVID-19

Shared Work Program

Shared Work Program – As a first step for businesses considering changes to staff time, the Shared Work Program may be a viable option to keep trained staff and avoid layoffs. This program is taking calls from local businesses. Please call 518-549-0496.

Laying off employees? The NYS DOL Rapid Response Team can help

The New York State Department of Labor’s Rapid Response Team is available to you at this time, both in-person and via remote communication. The Rapid Response Team is a valuable resource to you as a business and an employer. The Team will assist employees in re-gaining employment and potentially shorten the duration of their Unemployment Insurance (UI) payments, and your overall cost.

Southern Tier Region Rapid Response Coordinator:
Vikki Kaufman

P: 607-741-4518
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Linkedin

Business Services

DOL Services for Business

U.S. Department of Labor Resources

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (effective April 1, 2020)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) requires certain employers with less than 500 employees to provide their employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) – To provide emergency assistance and health care response for individuals, families, and businesses affected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

United States Department of Labor

Financial Resources

Small Business Administration (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Recovery Loans (EIDL)

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Recovery Loans (EID) – Tompkins County, and all of New York State, has officially been approved for Economic Injury Disaster Recovery Loans from the SBA.

For more information on EIDL Applications

(3/31/20) The EIDL application process has been simplified and a new application portal is live on the SBA website right now at: Businesses that successfully submitted an application or uploaded documents late last week via the temporary document upload portal do not have to take additional action as their applications have been received for processing. Anyone that was unable to complete an application on the prior application portal AND/OR did not upload their application to the document upload portal, should restart their application via the new portal. Faith-based organizations may now apply for EIDL within the new application for any public service/secular operations they may have.

Emergency Economic Injury Grants

These Emergency Economic Injury grants provide an emergency advance of up to $10,000 to small businesses and private non-profits harmed by COVID-19 within three days of applying for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). To access the advance, you must first apply for an EIDL and then request the advance. The advance does not need to be repaid. These grants are available regardless of whether you are later approved for the EIDL.

Learn more about EIDL Grants

(3/31/20)  Advances of up to $10,000 on EIDL loans are now available. The form is part of the new EIDL application process above. If approved, these funds can be used for payroll and other operating expenses and will be forgiven. All applicants who successfully submitted an application prior to yesterday received an email notifying them of this. Below are the instructions we sent them: This Advance may be available even if your EIDL application was declined or is still pending, and will be forgiven. If you wish to apply for the Advance on your EIDL, please visit as soon as possible to fill out a new, streamlined application. In order to qualify for the Advance, you need to submit this new application even if you previously submitted an EIDL application. Applying for the Advance will not impact the status or slow your existing application.

SBA Express Bridge Loan (EBL) 

The Small Business Administration (SBA) Express Bridge Loan (EBL) Pilot Program provides expedited SBA-guaranteed bridge loan financing on an emergency basis in amounts up to $25,000 for disaster-related purposes. Contact your lender to inquire if they provide SBA Express Bridge Loans. The general eligibility requirements for the EBL are as follows:

  • Small businesses must have an existing banking relationship with a Lender that is an SBA Express Lender.
  • EBL loans for the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration can be approved through March 13, 2021.
  • The small business must have been operational when the declared disaster commenced and must meet all other 7(a) loan eligibility requirements (credit elsewhere, size, etc.)


Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

The SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will help small businesses with payroll and other business operating expenses. It will provide critical capital to businesses without collateral requirements, personal guarantees, or SBA fees – all with a 100% guarantee from SBA. All loan payments will be deferred for six months. Most importantly, the SBA will forgive the portion of the loan proceeds that are used to cover the first eight weeks of payroll costs, rent, utilities, and mortgage interest.

The new loan program will be available retroactive from Feb. 15, 2020, so employers can rehire their recently laid-off employees through June 30, 2020.


For more information on PPP

(4/1/20) PPP Loan Terms & Conditions

  • Eligible businesses: All businesses, including non-profits, Veterans organizations, Tribal concerns, sole proprietorships, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors, with 500 or fewer employees, or no greater than the number of employees set by the SBA as the size standard for certain industries
  • Maximum loan amount up to $10 million
  • Loan forgiveness if proceeds used for payroll costs and other designated business operating expenses in the 8 weeks following the date of loan origination (due to likely high subscription, it is anticipated that not more than 25% of the forgiven amount may be for non-payroll costs)
  • All loans under this program will have the following identical features:
    • Interest rate of 0.5%
    • Maturity of 2 years
    • First payment deferred for six months
    • 100% guarantee by SBA
    • No collateral
    • No personal guarantees
    • No borrower or lender fees payable to SBA

Click here for a link to local SBA lenders.


Small Business Debt Relief Program

This program will provide immediate relief to small businesses with non-disaster SBA loans, in particular 7(a), 504, and micro-loans. SBA will cover all loan payments on these SBA loans, including principal, interest and fees, for six months. This relief will also be available to new borrowers who take out loans within six months of the President signing the bill into law. Contact your Lender to Inquire.

Business Loan Assistance in the Southern Tier (4/2/20)

The Agency (Broome County IDA/LDC) is offering loan assistance to businesses in eight counties including Tompkins County. The Agency has modified existing loan funds to be responsive to the immediate needs for cash flow that many businesses are experiencing. Loans will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and there is approximately $1,000,000 in funds available for lending. Click HERE for information.

USDA Support for Farmers

USDA Resources for Farmers


General Tips on Disaster Funding

Businesses are currently facing an unprecedented hurdle. It will be tempting to seek out online lenders that can provide fast capital despite their high-cost rates and terms that will be unaffordable in the long run.

  • Continue to carefully evaluate all loan options before moving forward and consider the long-term impact on your business. Do not make a bad situation worse by taking out a high-cost loan.
  • Your first option should be to contact your existing creditors to see if they have deferral options or products that can be helpful.
  • If you can be somewhat patient, it can pay off. Multiple disaster relief loan programs are in the works at the federal, city and state levels (see below). These loans will provide responsible, low-interest funding to businesses that qualify.
General Business Resources

Local Business Resources

REV Ithaca Startup Works REV is a business incubator in Ithaca, NY and offers assistance  to startup companies.

Center for Regional Economic Advancement (CREA) at Cornell University – CREA is committed to helping startups grow and thrive, especially during challenging economic times.

Alliance for Manufacturing & Technology (AM&T) – AM&T is available to help you and your company address operational, supply chain, and financial issues that may be arising as a result of the crisis. We’ll share what we know and do the leg work necessary to find out if we don’t. You can reach us at 607-774-0022 or

 – COVID-19 is already changing the way we interact with and produce food. At this site you can find useful links to expert resources to help address your specific questions around COVID-19 and food production.

State Business Resources

NYS Small Business Development Center (SBDC) – The SBA’s regional business advisors can help you craft a plan specific to your situation to help navigate any rapid changes in demand.

Empire State Development (ESD) 
– Visit ESD’s website for information on New York State Executive Order 202.6 requiring businesses to reduce their onsite workforce by 100% on March 22, 2020. Only organizations and entities that are deemed essential by the Executive Order are exempt from these restrictions. ESD provides guidance as to whether your business is considered essential, or if you wish to receive essential designation for your business.

Federal Business Resources

Child Care Resources

Child Care

Trained referral specialists at the Child Development Council can help your employees to identify child care options. To request a child care referral, please call:
Tompkins County: 607-273-0259
Cortland County: 607-753-0106
For the most comprehensive and personalized service, please call during office hours 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Health Resources

Tompkins County Health Department / Local Resources

Tompkins County Department of Health 

Call 211 (or 1.877.211.8667) for local, Tompkins County information, including questions about food, transportation, events and gatherings, cancellations, and other human service needs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
World Health Organization (WHO)
NYS Department of Health / State Resources

NYS Department of Health

A hotline is available for New Yorkers to call for information about COVID-19: 888-364-3065

COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline: 1-844-863-9314

Contact TCAD Staff

Contact TCAD Staff

Heather McDaniel, President

Chuck Schwerin, Managing Director of Business Services

Kathy May, Director of Workforce Services

Kurt Anderson, Director of Development and Strategy

Margaret Frank, Director of Communications

Ina Arthur, Manager of Administrative Services

Tompkins County Area Development (TCAD) focuses on economic development in Tompkins County. Since 1964, TCAD has continued to work tirelessly to grow, retain, and attract companies that provide high-quality employment opportunities. We strive to create a supportive environment for entrepreneurship and business development. Regardless of the economic times, we have continued to achieve successes.

Incentives and Programs

Tompkins County Development Corporation

TCDC promotes economic development initiatives in Tompkins County by offering tax-exempt bonding opportunities to not-for-profit organizations. Learn More

Industrial Development Agency

TCIDA delivers economic incentives to business and industry to diversify and strengthen Tompkins County’s tax base and enhance community vitality. Learn More

Loan Funds

Revolving Loan Funds are a popular economic development tool, delivering high risk capital to projects that cannot be financed by conventional sources. Learn More

Tourism Capital Grants

TCAD administers the Tourism Capital Grants program which supports capital projects at tourism destinations in Tompkins County. Learn More

Finger Lakes Regional Prosperity Network (FLRPnet)

FLRPnet extends the capacity and reach of economic development efforts in Tompkins County and the greater Finger Lakes region. Learn More

Tompkins County Economy and News

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Economic Data

Tompkins County Traded Sectors and local sectors by the numbers. Learn more


The area also attracts experienced and skilled workers from afar for specialized employment opportunities. Learn more

Startup Community

The startup community brings together University, city and private sector partners to make Ithaca the best place to launch and grow a startup. Learn more